How To: Use Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7

Use Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7

Windows 7 is the hot, new operating system replacing the past XP and Vista systems. Windows 7 is the most simplified, user-friendly version that Microsoft has developed - ever. Get acquainted with your new version of Windows straight from Microsoft.

This video tour will show you how to use Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7. Turn memories into movies with Windows Live MovieMaker.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

With Windows Vista, Photo Gallery comes with the operating system. With Windows 7, Photo Gallery is offered as a free download from Windows Live. That means it's easier to take advantage of all the things you can do online with your photos. With Windows Live Photo Gallery, it's a snap to organize, edit, and share your favorite photos with friends and family.

Windows Live Movie Maker

With Windows XP, you can get Movie Maker as a free download to use with the operating system. In Windows Vista, it comes along with the operating system. Now, with Windows 7, you get it as a free download through Windows Live Essentials. Windows Live Movie Maker has been designed to make it easier than ever to share your creations with your friends and family and has been redesigned to help you make movies you'll be proud of.

Windows Live Mail

Over the years, you've had a few ways to do e-mail with Windows. With Windows 7 and Windows Live, we're making it a little easier to send and manage e-mail. A free download from Windows Live, Windows Live Mail gives you one place to access multiple e-mail accounts from various providers – Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!.

Windows Live Messenger

The latest release of Windows Live Messenger is a great way to chat, play games, or share photos instantly, It not only includes a completely new look and feel, but it's also designed to let you make it your own – you can personalize nearly everything.

Use Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7

Use Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7 Click through to watch this video on

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