How To: Create a funny viral video from animated gifs

Create a funny viral video from animated gifs

Internet whores (which would be all of us by now) are quite familiar with gifs. Just like popular internet memes like LOLCats, viral gifs are short videos or slide shows sequenced together for a comical - or at least unexpected - effect.

Gifs are highly popular on the internet, and they vary from the absurd to the political commentary. To learn how to create a viral video using animated gifs, check out this video.

Some of us love those viral videos of funny animated gifs. This instructional video will teach you on how to create them. First you must download a lot of gifs. I recommend giftube for starters. Just right click the gifs and save them on your hard drive. You can also search from forums discussion of animated gifs. There you can also find a lot of gifs. After collecting gifs, you can sort them out and think for a theme for your video then find a suitable music to play as a background. You can use moviemaker to create your video as it is user friendly. You can just drag and drop files to the program. You just drag the gifs and the mp3 file (or any other audio format supported by WMM) you intend to use as a background music. You can also create a title or an introduction to your video. You can customize it according to your preference. You can preview the options you applied as shown here. Again, you can preview your progress and edit them to your liking. You can edit length, slow down or speed up specific gifs through the video effects option to synchronize them to the music. You can finalize your video with credits.

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