How To: Make an animated GIF in Windows Movie Maker

Make an animated GIF in Windows Movie Maker

SchizoFilms brings the viewers instructions on how to make an animated GIF in Windows Movie Maker. First open up Movie Maker. You will need to import pictures. To do this, click the button on the top left of the screen that reads 'Import Media'. Find your files here and import them into Movie Maker. Now, you will want to order the pictures in the sequence you want them to show up in. To do this simply drag and arrange them. Now, you can make adjustments for how long you want each to run by dragging them longer or shorter in the timeline! Now, you will need to publish what you have made. First save your project by going to save project under the file button. Then you will need to click 'publish movie' in the middle of the screen to actually make this a video file! Publish the movie to your computer. You can name your GIF animation as well as tell the computer where to save it. Now, in order to make this into a GIF you need to convert. To do this go to w7. Click browse, find your file and select the file type output to be .gif. When it converts, save this new .gif to your computer. You now have made and saved your GIF animation. Spread it now!

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