How To: Apply the stabilize video effect for Movie Maker

Apply the stabilize video effect for Movie Maker

In this video tutorial solving time techs you how to apply the stabilize video effect before editing in movie maker. Download and install Virtual Dub from the link in the description and download the deshaker filter also from the link provided. Extract the filter into the virtual dub folder as shown and open the video in Virtual Dub. Compress the video using the DivX codec which can be downloaded for free from Apply the filter by selecting the deshaker filter and change the source pixel aspect to a suitable value and click the pass 1 button as instructed. Change the default settings as desired and start applying the filter. After the first pass apply the filter again using pass 2, adaptive zoom + fixed zoom and deshake the video. Save the video as .AVI open it in Windows movie maker and start editing.

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Hi, I want to use MP4 clips but my understanding is that VirtualDub can't edit these? Is there a way around this? Many people have suggested converting them, which I've tried to do but I've run into a few problems. Is there a tried and tested way anyone can recommend? Thanks.

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